KEYSHA NUTRISH CAT FOOD is a brand name for local cat food product locally available here in Malaysia . they have been selling wide selections of cat food with special formula specifically meant to help the growth of the cats health and healthy fur. Products used to make this cat food are sourced fresh , it contains 85% protein(real meat/fish) with 45% of egg yolk with combination of vegetables and fruits with high vitamin content, doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or grains. This are then mix with high grade fresh fish or meat with amino acids to help them grow stronger .

This healthy, low-calorie and high-meat cat food is available in different packaging sizes on the KEYSHA NUTRISH website . For the sale of their products, the company works with EAN numbers from Barcodes Malaysia.

If you have any questions or need EAN numbers, please contact us 


Review from Customer : Johan (keysha nutrish cat food) –    We have been using Barcodes Malaysia for about a 2 years now and are really happy with the service and price , thank you Mr.Latip for quick response to our needs.