natture / NANA ECOTECH (M) SDN BHD is a Malaysian based sanitizer brand for both home users and commercial .Both comes home and commercial comes in a 5 liter bottle each . They were widely used by consumers for daily need as the Covid19 pandemic was already globally affecting everyone.

Natture / NANA ECOTECH (M) SDN BHD website

For the sale of their products, the company works with EAN numbers from Barcodes Malaysia.
If you have any questions or need EAN numbers, please contact us


Review from Customer : Nirmal (natture / NANA ECOTECH (M) SDN BHD) –     our products are all using Barcodes Malaysia for the last year or so , while trying to search a barcode we came about the local vendor and Mr.Latip was quick to guide us on step to buy it via online and here we are today.