Re: Gine HoJiak is a local spice sambal paste , locally available here in Malaysia . they have been selling wide selections of sambal paste along with other series in their online store.Launched during the pandemic “Re: Gine HoJiak” in May 2020.
This healthy, locally sourced produce made with lovethey carry a wide selections of sambal paste selections called the sambal petai series , as well as kochabi series, here is the link to Re: Gine HoJiak website .

For the sale of their products, the company works with EAN numbers from Barcodes Malaysia.
If you have any questions or need EAN numbers, please contact us


Review from Customer : Re: Gine HoJiak –     Re: Gine HoJiak have been using Barcodes Malaysia for nearly 2 years  ,it meets all the local country barcodes requirements and very quick and easy .thank you Barcodes Malaysia.