Swee Bee by Baker Dave (Swee Bee / Tiger Mama Sdn Bhd) ,these are not just any pineapple tarts. These traditional tarts are inspired by Swee Bee’s (Baker Dave’s Mum) original recipe of buttery pastry and pineapple fruits to create a nostalgic and delicious pineapple tarts, evoking happy childhood memories of mum’s favourite treats.

All good things should be shared. Baker Dave is now able to share these fine pineapple tarts through Swee Bee’s pineapple tarts special recipe, packed in an attractive square design available all year round, appropriate for any Malaysian festive occasions and celebrations to be shared with your family and friends anytime anywhere.
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Review from Customer : Swee Bee / Tiger Mama Sdn Bhd –    Swee Bee / Tiger Mama Sdn Bhd used Barcodes Malaysia for more than a years ,it was easy to procure the product from Mr.Latip such a quick response to our request.